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WEB, Japanese 旅行案内書 旅行申込書 CAMJ Special Event
We are happy to announce a oversea trip: Oversea trip to Thailand. ============================= Year2008 Feb. 14 Japan to Thailand (Bangkok city) Feb. 15 Call TMD(Thai Meteorological Department) Feb. 16 call Local weather station Feb. 17 Free in Bangkok or near Bangkok Feb. 18 Back to Japan from Bankok Option(in addition to the above trip): Phuket Feb. 18 Bangkok to Phuket(Local weather station) Feb. 19 Free in Phuket Feb. 20 Back to Japan from Phuket or Laos Feb. 18 Bangkok to Laos(Vientian) Call (Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Laos) Feb. 19 Vientian to Luang Prabang(Not confirmed so far.) Feb. 20 Back to Japan from Vientian via Bangkok ============================== Feel free please to contact us if you need more information.
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