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CAMJ("The Certified and Accredited Meteorologists of Japan")

  CAMJ is a voluntary, non-profit organization. It was established 
in 1996 with the purposes of promoting better relations between 
meteorologists throughout Japan and to exchange information that 
is related to the weather and climate of Japan.

  Since the time of its establishment the number of members has 
increased. To date we have more than 3,300 members throughout Japan. 

CAMJ Members
    Almost all of our members are certified by JMA, are accredited by law 
and permitted to forecast the weather for the public. They are very skilled 
at analyzing and forecasting short term weather conditions. Some of our 
members work for the government while others work for companies in the 
private sector. A substantial number of members are working for non-weather 
related companies.

    CAMJ members work in a variety of fields. They are very sociable and 
are willing to openly communicate with each other and people throughout 
the world. The CAMJ members are, of course, very enthusiastic about meteorology, 
disaster prevention and environmental protection.

General Meeting and Management Council

    CAMJ general meeting is held a year, which is the highest decision making 
function. The daily affairs in our organization are overseen and managed 
by the board of directors.  

Advisory Board

    We at CAMJ greatly appreciate the advice that we receive from special advisors
who are/were from Tokyo University and the Japan Meteorological Agency.

    CAMJ has about twenty branches throughout Japan where local members are 
serving their communities and enjoy participating in voluntary activities.

  "Gojokai" was once a legal body within our group and was established in 
order that we keep our financial matters secured.