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What we do to improve our meteorological abilities. 
      Our CAMJ headquarters provides technical training to our members so that 
      they may improve their skills and fulfill requirements that are needed by 
      their employers. Here are some of the ways that we assist our members.

1. Lecture held by CAMJ HQ
      Lectures on advanced meteorological technology are given at CAMJ 
      headquarters to teach members the latest numerical weather prediction 
      techniques and observation instruments(e.g. Wind profiler radar).

      Our members often take field trips together in order to observe 
      various weather conditions that the climate has to offer. 

2. Meeting, discussion and information exchange
      We often meet and discuss meteorology from all aspects. These discussions 
      are very informative because we exchange information with each other.
      These discussions also include information exchange on natural disasters 
      and cover everything from human lives, housing and even transportation.

3. Study, research and forecasting 
      (1) Short term weather forecasting:
          Almost every month meetings are held at many CAMJ branches for training using 
          actual weather maps, satellite images, and even radar charts. 
      (2) Long range weather forecasting:
          Our CAMJ members study the data and information that is given to use by JMA 
          in order to better understand long range weather forecasting. 
      (3) Sea Wave forecasting:
          Our members also study ocean currents and learn how to predict wave levels.

4. Observations
      (1)We observe the wind which is called "Hijikawa-Arashi" at Shikoku island.
      (2)Cherry Blossom Front observation:
         Every year Japanese people look forward to the first blooming of the cherry 
         blossom trees. Our group enjoys observing and viewing throughout various 
         locations in Japan from March to the early part of May.
         We Japanese chase after the front line as the monarch butterflies migrate 
         after wax flowers' blooming from Mexico to Canada every year.  
      (3)We watch and enjoy the changes and shapes of clouds. We even have a cloud 
         chaser club. In this club we measure the elevation angle and azimuth 
         (horizontal angle) of a specific cloud from two observation points in order to 
         determine (calculate) the height of the cloud. The results are compared with 
         the METAR at the nearest airport.
5. We enjoy observing the "Earth shadow" around the times of sunrise and 

Anyone who wishes to join these events is more than welcome to. Here is a
Calendar on events in Japanese. 

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