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What we do for local community Each CAMJ member contributes to the public communities on each voluntary will. 1. Education and Lecture We give lectures on weather related topics to everyone from senior citizens to school children. 2. Co-Work (1) JMA(Japan Meteorological Agency) We provide support for JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) at its weekly exhibition held every Saturday at the Meteorological Museum. (2) MSJ(Meteorological Society of Japan) CAMJ assists MSJ (Meteorological Society of Japan) with conferences. We hold "Science Cafes" with MSJ inviting lecturers who are experts in the field of meteorology (3) JMBSC We participate in JMBSC's annual "Weather World" event. (4) JWA(Japan Weather Association) We participate in JWA's (Japan Weather Association) weather festivals during school summer vacations. (5) Film production We offer previews of weather related movies. (6) Local Government We assist local governments in disaster prevention training. 3. Publication (1) News paper We publish a newspaper six times a year. The title of the newspaper is "Tenkist". Tenki means weather and in Japanese. (2) Books We are planning to publish books. 4. Advertizing and Recruting If a company or business is looking for a qualified meteorologist we do pass on the information to the CAMJ members. We also deal with advertisements about weather/meteorology on our publications. Previous Next
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