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  A Brief History of Nippon Kisho Yohoshikai  
    Dr. Ryuji Kimura
   Ms. Kazuko Ishii
   Mr. Shigenori Sakai
2006 Will celebrate our 10th anniversary(July) with the CAMJ Logo. 2005 Registered "CAMJ" as a trademark of "Nippon Kisho Yohoshikai". 2004 Altered Japanese name from "Kisho Yohoshikai" to "Nippon Kisho Yohoshikai"). Established "Gojokai" as its subsidiary. 2003 Started participating in JMA's Museum Exhibitions every Saturday. 2002 Elected Ms. Kazuko Ishii as Head Chairwoman and Mr. Nobuaki Hiramatsu as secretary general. 2001-03 Held Advisory Board Committee meetings to determine the future of our organization and what activities the group should participate in. Our group began participating in JSM's Annual Conventions, World Meteorological Festival, JWA's Summer Festivals. 1996 Organized management council. Elected Dr. Ryuji Kimura as Chairman and Mr. Masaru Tomisawa as Secretary General. 1996 Established "Kisho Yohosikai". About six hundred new people joined our group.
"CAMJ" is the registered trade mark of "Nippon Kisho Yohoshikai".