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     Mother Nature made the Earth, and controls its weather including 
     all living creatures and plants on it.
     From here we will discuss the deep effects the Mother Nature 
     has had on the Japanese people especially on literature, archi-
     tecture, thinking patterns and our ways of life.  

  @1. Prologue for nature and people
    "Mt. Fuji" is a symbol of Japan's natural beauty. 
    Many people, throughout time have been deeply impressed by its 
    majestic beauty and have tried to express their feelings about 
    it through music, art and literature. Here we will show some 
    passages from old Japanese literature. 
  @2. Words that express the beauty of nature
    When we look at nature's beauty, we often have difficulty 
    describing it due to its magnificence, but through understanding 
    of nature's beauty we can learn how to express our appreciation 
    for it.

    3. Nature's beauty that God has created.
    The world we live in is surrounded by nature's beauty and 
    natural resources. Many of us live in awe of how beautiful God 
    has created our world. This gives many of us a feeling of a 
    kinship to the land that we live on. 

  @4. Daily life and environment   
    At this point we should introduce you to a very special 
    Japanese term called "Mottainai" which has been popularized 
    by Ms. Wangari Maathai, Deputy Environment Minister of Kenya
    addressed at COP3. 
    We would also like to discuss the term "Imperfect", which 
    was given to us by Tenshin Okakura.

    5. The emerging problems in the nature
    We are thankful for the fruits of modern industrialization. 
    But, recently many of us can see that the industrial era has 
    destroyed a lot of what nature created. 
    The harmony between nature and mankind is marred, and we hear 
    the Mother Nature asking for help.

    6. Conclusion and epilogue for sustainable nature
    "Mitigation and Adaptation" are the most important measures for
    environmental issues. 

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