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2.Climatic impacts on Japanese society and culture.

Japanese culture, society and daily life is based on and 
affected mainly by the rain fall that each distinct season 
has received throughout the years. A couple of examples of 
how weather has affected Japanese life are shown below: 

"Haiku"; Haiku is a direct result of how weather has 
influenced Japan. Japanese poets throughout history have composed 
poems using only seventeen characters that expressed the way they 
thought and felt about weather conditions that were endemic to 
their regions through the four seasons. The most prominent theme 
of these poems that was related to weather was rain. Physically 
speaking, rain is just one state of water. Many kinds of rain 
can seen in "Ukiyoe paintings" described later.

Rice:Rice is a product of both rain and the sun. As you may 
know, we live on the rice which is planted in June and harvested 
around October every year. In our eyes, the abundance of basically 
depends on the water this is given to us by Heaven. After harvesting 
the rice we cook it. The easiest way of enjoying rice is to make 
rice balls wish are affectionately called gOnigirih in Japanese. 
Rice balls are very popular with Japanese people and are as conveniently 
made has sandwiches in the western world.
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