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Oonishi Haruo

  With You

  The Certified and Accredited Meteorologists of Japan is a voluntary 
organization. Our purpose is to contribute to local communities and 
to forge good relations among our members. CAMJ is a nonprofit 
organization which was established in 1996. The members of CAMJ are 
all registered and certificated by the Japan Meteorological Agency 
as weather forecasters. Our members are all knowledgeable and capable 
in assisting with environmental issues and meteorological disasters.
  "With You" is our motto and we want all our members to live in this 
world with you and keep this in their hearts and minds. Personally, 
I think it would be wonderful if we all, especially children, could 
understand how great it is to live on this earth, which is unique 
and unlike any other planet that we know of. It would also be wonderful 
if we could all appreciate and share in the meteorological phenomenon 
that exists here on our planet by observing the weather and openly 
discussing about it.
We would love to exchange useful information with others throughout the world regarding meteorological events and issues. We look forward to holding various activities not only in Japan, but all over the world as well. We sincerely hope that this home page will help to promote future friendships. I am also very proud to introduce you about the Member's Voluntary Activities and hope that you will join us if you have the time. We hope that many people can enjoy the contents of this home page even if they lack knowledge on meteorological events and issues. Anyone who enters this site can learn many things about the Japanese climate. If you have any question at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. CAMJ has more than 3,300 members who are all qualified meteorologists. We will happily and readily answer any questions that you might have. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy our home page. Thank you. Return Home@